Chattanooga attractions

Ruby FallsLookout Mountain is a high, wide plateau located on top of a mountain and surrounded by perpendicular cliffs Lookout Mountain is home to three exciting attractions: Incline Railway, Ruby Falls (500+ ft underground tall waterfall) and Rock City (above ground water fall) .  Chattanooga is about 3 hours from our cabin.  But sounds like a great day trip.    You can also visit the Incline Railway.  These are privately owned and not affected by the Government shutdown.

Scenery is outstanding and a neat drive to get there.  Civil War Enthusiasts will love to hear about the Battle of Chattanooga. at Point Park.  This is a National Park.  Great Civil War history and exhibits. Good history of Civil War battles that were fought in the Chattanooga area.  The hike takes you walking through giant rocks, climbing stairs,  uphill and downhill.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and leave about 2-3 hours for this unique attraction.

Sunset RockIf you enjoy watching rock climbers, you can head on over to Sunset Rock.  Sunset Rock is a lesser known and utilized climbing area in the southeast, perched atop lookout mountain and offering spectacular views of the Chattanooga Valley and Raccoon Mountain in southeastern Tennessee.  It consists of sandstone similar to that of neighboring Tennessee Wall, but its western orientation and higher altitude help make it considerably more attractive in the summer and during hot periods.

Raccoon Mountain Caverns is Tennessee’s highest rated cave and is located just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  tour the vast cave system, pan for gemstones, enjoy the thrill of a go-kart ride, or relax by a camp fire while taking in the spectacular views of both Lookout Mountain and Raccoon Mountain.


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