Tall Tales from the Great Smoky Mountains – part II

Last week, we started a series of three of our favorite tall tales stories from the Smoky Mountains. If you haven't read that one, go check it out! Here's story no.2: The Missing Gold Mine in Greenbrier In the years following the Civil War, the richest man in Greenbrier Cove was local blacksmith Perry Shults. … Continue reading Tall Tales from the Great Smoky Mountains – part II


Chattanooga attractions

Lookout Mountain is a high, wide plateau located on top of a mountain and surrounded by perpendicular cliffs Lookout Mountain is home to three exciting attractions: Incline Railway, Ruby Falls (500+ ft underground tall waterfall) and Rock City (above ground water fall) .  Chattanooga is about 3 hours from our cabin.  But sounds like a great … Continue reading Chattanooga attractions