Scenic Helicopter Tours in the Smoky Mountains

Scenic Helicopter Tours has been flying over Great Smoky Mountains National Park since 1972, showing more people larger portions of the national park with the most FAA & National Park Service approved flights over The Smokies. Scenic Helicopter Tours awarded coveted TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for outstanding customer service.

Our Take

I have never done this tour in this area, although I have done it elsewhere. It is something I definitely want to do.

The ride is pretty short, but the view is spectacular and it gives you a completely different perspective of the area. They offer many different tours so my suggestion is to find one in the area you are interested in.

Prices and trips vary greatly, check out the website for more details.

Tours options:

River Ride

Lake View Tour

Extended Lake Tour

MTN Valley Tour

Ridge Runner Tour

Wears Valley Tour

Gatlinburg Tour

National Park Tour

Scenic Special

The Grand Tour

Smoky MTN Spectacular

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