A Sunday Walk Along The Gatlinburg Trail

Sometimes you just need to get away, and that’s exactly what I did on my own on a Sunday while on vacation in Gatlinburg. With my wife doing laundry and my son being a lazy teenager at our condo, I decided to venture beyond the crowded malaise of this beautiful tourist town.

There really wasn’t a plan to do it. I just thought why not. Maybe I was just tired of the typical packed nature of Gatlinburg on the weekend – which, for the most part we try to avoid. But maybe, just maybe, this self-proclaimed non nature-loving, homebody wanted to actually spend some time collecting my thoughts.

I usually spend the morning walking into The Village and consuming a very non diabetic-friendly donut, then getting a tasty, wake up cup of coffee from Coffee and Company around the corner. After doing this and returning to the condo, I ventured back out into town and just kept walking. It was around stoplight #8 when I decided to I really wanted to walk this trail again. The last time I turned around at the bridge, but since we hadn’t visited Sugarlands V.C. in a few years, I made the choice to do the whole trail and browse the busy park center.

After a nice breather at Sugarlands, I decided to do a brisk walk back into Gatlinburg. There would be not admiring the scenery this time. On the way back I felt like I was really doing a workout. It took me 28 minutes to walk the Gatlinburg Trail back to the outskirts of town. I was pretty proud of myself, but I knew I had still a long walk back to our condo, (approximately another mile) so I took my sweet time and slowed down. At this point I realized just how much less crowded the Parkway was compared to the previous two days. Once back at the condo, I took a welcome breather and relished my time alone with my thoughts.

I would rate this as an awesome experience I recommend everyone do while they’re here. It’s rare that I get a chance to really relax and forget about all the aspects of life that trouble me. If you get the chance, I highly suggest this kind of respite for your vacation time. The fact that it was during the fall made it even more special. Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue to gain insight from my Gatlinburg posts.

By cjwagner24

Original article on GatlinburgNow.

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