How to avoid getting stuck in traffic in the Smoky Mountains

As the weather is getting warmer, there will be more and more people heading to the Pigeon Forge /Gatlinburg area. In these conditions, traffic can get a little hectic. We are not the only ones who know what a great area this is. Here are some tips to getting around without getting stuck:

  • Call ahead – This is probably the most important tip. The worst thing you can do is travel through traffic and find out your destination is closed or you need reservations. 
  • Plan accordingly – If you have a longer stay, schedule hikes, driving tours, horseback riding and other less populated / controlled events on the weekends. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are great days for the most popular attractions. 
  • Go early – Schedule events you would like to go to early in the day like dinner theaters and shows. If you want to go to a great restaurant go for lunch or an early dinner. Go to Gatlinburg early and avoid the crowds at night. Early, early, early… When we stay at cabins with friends and family we like to go to a big lunch and get snacks, appetizers and our favorite beverages and spend the evenings in the cabin and on the decks.  Sometimes a little moonshine suddenly appears…  
  • Fridays after 3 and Sunday afternoons – Avoid the Parkway during these times at all cost! Use roads like Toaster and Veterans to get around. 
  • Take the Trolley – This is a great way to get around to avoid traffic. Get a schedule and see if it works for you. We used to do this all the time when visiting Gatlinburg during busy times. 
  • Watch for big events – Rod Run, car shows, parades and other big events can change the traffic patterns and cause delays.

Have fun and be safe!!

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