What’s Cookin’ Wednesday – Hofbrauhaus Restaurant

Hofbrauhaus Restaurant is another one of the best sandwich shops in Gatlinburg. Tucked away among The Village Shops, this hidden gem is located above The Cheese Cupboard.

Modeled after a quaint German pub, Hofbrauhaus celebrates its heritage with German beers, German potato salad, bratwurst, and sauerkraut. The most-buzzed-about menu item at Hofbrauhaus is the Super Reuben sandwich, which is served on a pumpernickel bread roll and features thinly sliced corned beef.

As you enter, you get the feeling of being transported to Europe. Styled after a German pub, the visitor can enjoy a small respite in the middle of busy Gatlinburg. Through the years their Famous Super Reuben has become the favorite, with people saying they come out of their way to enjoy one. Enjoy any of their hot specialty sandwiches such as the Hoagie, Turkey, Pastrami or Bratwurst along with a cold beverage or beer.


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