What’s Cookin’ Wednesday – Big Daddy’s Pizza

In the mood for some Neapolitan-style pizza right in the heart of the Smoky Mountains? Look no more, Big Daddy’s Pizza is the perfect place for you!

Their Story

This is not your average pizza pie! At the heart of Big Daddy’s is a 550 degree, wood-fired flame inside of a one-of-a-kind brick oven. Our pizza starts with handcrafted, homemade dough that is pulled by our own “pizzeoli”. It is then topped with one of our homemade sauces and fresh ingredients. We’re so committed to that freshness that there isn’t a freezer on the premises. The end product pays homage to the pizza’s classic Neapolitan roots with a deliciously, crispy crust. 

Our Take

We stopped by the Big Daddy’s Pizza in Gatlinburg for dinner. We ordered a pizza, wings and a large order of cheesy garlic bread. The pizza was very good and did not disappoint, but the wings and cheesy garlic bread was something to remember. The wings were very good, crispy, large and delicious. And the cheesy garlic bread was awesome as well.

We would not hesitate to return, but with this market research, we must try different places.  We will have to endure…😋


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