Ole Smoky Moonshine


We visited the Ole Smoky Moonshine distillery in Gatlinburg and I was blown away at how amazing it was! The moonshine is given out in samples for tasting at the bar so we got to try every flavor! Yaeyah! I was warm and fuzzy after all that goodness! The flavors are quite impressive and the alcohol strengths vary. Blue Flame is the highest at 128 proof. Back when moonshiners wanted to measure the quality and taste of their liquor, they would burn the alcohol and judge it by the blue flame that was produced. Hence, the name. They even had a pumpkin pie moonshine! I was most impressed with the Hunch Punch Lightin. Tastes just like fruit punch. If you want to check out all their flavors, products, and recipes head on over to http://olesmoky.com/ and grab yourself a jar! You won’t be disappointed folks. <!





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Aging Ole Smoky Moonshine

Thanks for the Ole Smoky recipe

Aging Spirits


It is legal to buy Ole Smoky Moonshine at your local liquor store.  The product is offered by the makers of the television show, Moonshiners, through the Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery, located in Gatlinburg, TN.  There are likely a couple flavors available, but the 100 proof Ole Smokey moonshine is a good choice.  It is a little higher in octane than most other spirits and from the show.  For under $20, you can purchase a 750 ml bottle.  Sold in a Mason jar, the flavor is bold.  It taste just as you would expect moonshine to taste.  You will feel like you could breathe fire directly from your mouth.

If you have an Oak Barrel that you have used for aging another spirit for a few weeks, that other spirit will be deeply soaked into the oak.  While it is possible to remove the other spirits by soaking in water…

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