The Lost Sea (massive underground cave and lake!)

The Lost Sea is in the Craighead Caverns cave system.  The tour is quite interesting, with something for everyone. Geology and cave nuts will appreciate one of its geological features the anthodites (rare, spiky crystalline structures also known as cave flowers) - rare cave formations which are in abundance here.   The underground lake is the … Continue reading The Lost Sea (massive underground cave and lake!)


Forbidden Caverns near Sevierville TN

Forbidden Caverns, near Sevieerville, is one of America's most spectacular caves. It provides the visitor with an entertaining and educational 1 hour walking tour past sparkling formations, towering natural chimneys, numerous grottos, and a crystal clear stream. The history of the Indians and moonshiners is interesting. The fast flowing underwater river is really neat. The … Continue reading Forbidden Caverns near Sevierville TN