What’s Cookin’ Wednesday – Curl de la Crème

Although this is not a restaurant and there is no cooking involved, this place was really different and worth a spot on What’s Cookin’ Wednesday.

You start by picking your ingredients and the staff chops it up and pours the cream on a steel plate, mixing in the ingredients, then scraps it off into rolls. Then the rolls go into a cup and you pick your toppings.

I asked what was the most popular selections and he said chocolate Peanut Butter and Apple Pie, so that is what my wife and I ordered. We shared them and they were both awesome. 

Chocolate Peanut Butter:
A perennial favorite, this common request combines a chocolate base with delectable peanut butter, and often, chocolate chips on top. The result? A rich and undeniably addicting treat.

Apple Pie:
Combine Curl de la Crème’s popular apple pie mix-in with a vanilla base, and what do you get? A unique take on a la mode. Although ideal for autumn, this option evokes cozy feelings all year long.

TIP: The staff really works with you and it takes some time, so this is not a fast process. As I always say do not go in peak times or really hot days because it will be crowded. 

This is not a place you go every day; it is a bit expensive and could cost you about 9 dollars per person…YIKES. It is something different, however, and their stuff is good, so every once in a while it’s definitely worth to splurge and give it a try.  


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