Pigeon Forge Snow – Indoor Snow Tubing

Winter sports fans that dream of snowfall can get a taste of winter fun—rain or shine, all year round—with a visit to Pigeon Forge Snow. With tickets to this indoor snow tubing venue, you get to hit the indoor tracks for thrilling tube rides.

Admission ticket price

Ride as much as you want for an hour, and enjoy tubing at your own pace. Tickets cost USD 20.50 / hour.

visitors reviews

Great staff

The staff was extremely helpful. Kelsie and Bailee went out of their way to help our son who has Autism. He was very afraid of the conveyor belt that takes you to the top. Bailee would stand in front of him and hold onto him most of the way up and then Kelsey would come down and take over and help him get off at the top. All of the staff was willing to help, but these two young ladies went above and beyond and made the experience a very memorable one. We will definitely come back as our son had the time of his life and these individuals made it even better.


This place is so much fun. We are both in our late 30s early 40s and for an hour we snow tubed. You ride a conveyor belt up to the top sit down on a tube and slide down the hill. It was a wonderful time and enjoyed by all. We had an hour ticket to snow tube and it was a perfect amount of time for us. Loved it!

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