Buffalo in Tennessee? – The Brown Farm

Buffalo are not animals you usually see in Tennessee, but there is a farm that raises them called The Brown Farm. We stumbled across this farm taking the back way to Gatlinburg from Upper Middle Creek Road, where we have a number of cabins. There is a big field and, to our surprise, we saw a herd of buffalo.

At first, we thought these must be the buffalo they use in the Dolly Parton Stampede, but I am not really sure. Either way, it is a cool sight and the grandkids got a kick out of it.

There is a little station there that has some chickens and history of the place, as well as a donation box. I always put in a few bucks and encourage you to do the same.

Sometimes they are not in the field and must be in the woods (or in the show), but most times you can see 5 or 6. If you are lucky you can see the young ones around.


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