The 5 best take-out restaurants in Pigeon Forge

During this day and age many of us want to keep away from crowds as much as possible but still enjoy a nice meal prepared by someone other than ourselves. We have been especially doing this the last couple of months, trying to support the area restaurants when they need it most.  

Here are our favorite take-out reastaurants in Pigeon Forge:

  1. Old Mill – This is the best take out we had. We ate dinner that night and my wife and I had lunch the next day. Great value!
  2. Applewood farmhouse – Another great take out, plenty of food. Good quality. 
  3. Bluffs – My go-to place, some specials are not available on the take-out menu. We tried to get our 50 wings on Wednesday night and found out it is not available on take-out orders ☹. Good food no matter the price. 
  4. Pigeon Forge deli – Great sandwiches whether you eat in or take out. 
  5. Pizza places – Any of the pizza places mentioned in previous posts are great options, Geppetto’s, Big Daddy’s or Mellow Mushroom.
  • Be aware that some specials are not available for take-out. 
  • Call ahead, some restaurants have a smaller menu for take-out.
  • We are not big fans of delivery services because it just takes too long for the food to get there. 

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