What’s Cookin’ Wednesday – No Way Jose

Perched on Cliff Branch river, you’ll dine waterfront at one of the most visually intriguing restaurants in the city. From the authentic Mexico City murals splashed all over the walls, to the bar lights made out of cut off liquor bottles, to the Corona and Modelo boxes hanging over head, you’ll instantly feel transported from rural Tennessee, to somewhere south of the border.

Our Take

I remember the first time we visited No Way Jose – we were group of 8 and visiting Gatlinburg (and Tennessee for that matter) for the first time. We all sat down at a table, had a look over the menu and ordered drinks. We were on vacation and looking forward to a good time!

When the waitress asks for ID we all stopped and looked surprised. I have not been carded for 25 years and being from Delaware this was not a state law. It turned out only 3 of us had ID. We tried to convince the waitress we were all WELL over 21 but she said he couldn’t risk it.  We left disappointed, but we learned an important lesson: Tennessee ALWAYS cards you no matter how old you are. We only did this once… lol. What was the biggest shame is we didn’t go back to that restaurant, we went somewhere else closer to the cabin instead.

It wasn’t until many months later that we went back to have dinner. The atmosphere was great and festive. The food was awesome, I had the fajitas and my wife had the burritos and chimichangas. We shared our food and had a great time. We were with another couple and they were impressed as well.

If you go to Gatlinburg this place is a must – we have been back a number of times and have never been disappointed. A five thumbs up!


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