What’s Cookin’ Wednesday – Pigeon Forge Deli

Tucked in the corner at the shops of Pigeon Forge, Pigeon Forge Deli is a family-owned, neighborhood deli featuring homemade bread, pretzels & gluten-free items in a comfy space. 

Their story

We started humbly but with a grand plan: to create the best deli sandwich in Pigeon Forge, TN.

There isn’t a secret to how we make our sandwiches. We make our own bread daily and use the best ingredients to make every sandwich unique and different from all the others. It is our goal to treat all our customers like family and offer good food; real food. We love to see everyone leave with their bellies full and a smile on their face.  We also offer awesome hand-rolled soft pretzels, we make them to order, so you know they are fresh. Our customers say it is the best they have ever had. 

Try us out. You don’t know what you’re missing!

our take

My wife and I are always trying to do things that are COVID-friendly. We do a lot of take-out and outside dining when possible. Pigeon Forge Deli does a great job in this regard – they have closed their dining area and have an “ordering window”.  There are a few tables out front, but we took our food home.

We are suckers for local places and this is a great one. My wife likes the Chicken Salad and I like the “Chub”. The owners are very nice and accommodating. Not the fanciest place to eat, but the food is awesome, the owners are great and it’s a much better option than any of the “chain” fast-food places. 


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