“It beggared all description…” Experiencing the Shows at Dollywood’s Festival of Nations

Legacy Hunting

The Robert F. Thomas Chapel,  Dollywood The Robert F. Thomas Chapel, Dollywood There’s a famous line from Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra: It beggared all description. I think I learned what this phrase meant today (3/22/15.)

While there are many incredible things at Dollywood–the food, the shops, amazing craftsmanship, the rides–but for us, the shows are the main reason we come. My previous experience at Dollywood was during the Christmas holidays, when the shows were truly unparalleled, but what we saw today at the Festival of Nations truly blew it out of the water. So, while we did walk around, visit shops, and buy things, today’s experience was truly about the shows.

To begin with, we weren’t planning on being at Dollywood as early as we were. We had planned to attend Cowboy church–a local church service (broadcast internationally) that features country music artists. A friend had recommended it as an amazing experience. But, when we pulled…

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