New Year’s Snow in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Living in The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina- A Blog

A short drive from the western entrance to the park at Gatlinburg rewarded my family with a winter wonderland not predicted by the weathermen. The temperature was dropping to freezing as we climbed, and suddenly snow covered the trees and branches on the higher ridges. This was a total surprise.

Great Smokies Snow Rocks
Every bend in Highway 441 revealed more whiteness.

Great Smokies Snow overlook
The first major overlook was magical with the encrusted trees filling the western horizon.

Great Smokies Snow Clouds
It was almost sunset, and snow clouds hovered above the ridges.

Great Smokies Snow Creek
Along the roadway, a creek was framed by the snow, which appeared blue in the dimming light.

Great Smokies Snow Bridge
A footbridge welcomed lucky visitors to this unusual winter display.

Great Smokies Snow Spruce
In some places the snow seemed heavier, and the absence of any wind allowed the flakes to cling to the needles.

Great Smokies Snow at Sunset
The light was rapidly disappearing, but the beauty was frozen all around us.

Great Smokies Snow at Twilight
The sun was down, but theā€¦

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