Great Smoky Mountains

The Sohl Family's Big Adventure

– 28 March –

Leaving Chattanooga, we made our way back across the border into Tennessee for a relatively modest, three-hour drive to Pigeon Forge, in the western foothills of the Appalachians just outside Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Driving through Pigeon Forge is an experience in itself – under the influence of so many visitors to the mountains, the town has clearly grown into a major tourist destination or, more accurately, a tourist trap. The main strip through town is mile after mile of CRAZY – hotels, motels and restaurants, riddled with the most outlandish of attractions you can imagine, such as an upside-down building, the Titanic (well, the front half of it, anyway, plus fake iceberg), a giant shark, King Kong on top of a replica New York skyline, and so much more. Every trick that might tempt a tourist to part with some of their money has been…

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