The Best Swimming Holes in Gatlinburg and The Great Smoky Mountains

Metcalf Bottoms Swimming Area This picnic area located between Gatlinburg and Townsend offers great access to the Little Greenbrier River. Several shallow swimming holes are scattered along this picnic area. The area is wide and makes for a perfect spot to throw a tube into the water and relax. It’s also the perfect swimming area … Continue reading The Best Swimming Holes in Gatlinburg and The Great Smoky Mountains


Little Pigeon River

  The Little Pigeon River, which got its name because the birds seemed to favor the area, has long been at the center of Pigeon Forge’s beauty and history.  Little Pigeon River is located entirely within Sevier County, Tennessee and is made up of a series of streams which flow together on the dividing line … Continue reading Little Pigeon River

Great Smoky Mountains

The Sohl Family's Big Adventure

– 28 March –

Leaving Chattanooga, we made our way back across the border into Tennessee for a relatively modest, three-hour drive to Pigeon Forge, in the western foothills of the Appalachians just outside Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Driving through Pigeon Forge is an experience in itself – under the influence of so many visitors to the mountains, the town has clearly grown into a major tourist destination or, more accurately, a tourist trap. The main strip through town is mile after mile of CRAZY – hotels, motels and restaurants, riddled with the most outlandish of attractions you can imagine, such as an upside-down building, the Titanic (well, the front half of it, anyway, plus fake iceberg), a giant shark, King Kong on top of a replica New York skyline, and so much more. Every trick that might tempt a tourist to part with some of their money has been…

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Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge Arcades

Smoky Mountain Attractions

Looking for great arcades in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN? Don’t fret. There are numerous options available so that you can enjoy your day or night.

In Gatlinburg, be sure to check out the arcade on the 4th floor of the Mountain Mall. While driving through Pigeon Forge, you will see countless options available. Well…stop the car, park, and walk inside to check it out and see if it is what you like or don’t like.Image

There’s really not too much more to it than that. You discover, you like (or not), you spend money, you collect tickets. And then you spend those arcade style ticket coupon things on overpriced candy.

Enjoy the games, arcades are of a certain dying breed. However, when you are in the awesome Smoky Mountains, nostalgia is non-nostalgia.

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SeaJack #6 The Smoky Mountain Detour…

The Happy Wonderer ~ ellen b.

We left Hendersonville, Tennessee after a stop at Starbucks and filling up our gas tank at a Kroeger Grocery store Station. Kroeger in Washington is either our Fred Meyer stores or our QFC stores.

SeaJack #6 002

SeaJack #6 004

Right about here on the road our clocks turned forward an hour and we were now in the Eastern Time Zone!

SeaJack #6 007

SeaJack #6 008We really weren’t prepared for our drive through Sevierville and Pigeon Forge and the strange sights we would see.

SeaJack #6 010This was promising but then we drove into the bizarre world of Pigeon Forge.

SeaJack #6 014What!?

SeaJack #6 016The Hatfields and the McCoys!

SeaJack #6 017The Titanic?

SeaJack #6 019We weren’t able to make it to Rushmore but this did not make up for it!

SeaJack #6 023A Bavarian Denny’s? This town had an amazing amount of dinner theaters of different genres to experience. There were some great looking miniature golf properties but so many other tacky unusual properties.

SeaJack #6 025We did not divert our path…

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