Getting Around Gatlinburg

This is a good recap of the trolley. Although, we were just there in January and took the trolley. I think it runs year round.


One of the things I always try to do whenever I visit a new area is find a trolley tour. Most of the tours I’ve gone on have been sight seeing tours, some have the on again off again option so you cane hop off to explore a stop while other are just an excursion. In either case it’s a great way to get the lay of the land.

Gatlinburg has a trolley and from what I’ve read it’s a whole mass transit system. It sounds like the Tennessee equivalent of Boston’s MBTA. Most of the reviews indicate that parking is expensive and getting around by car , cumbersome at best. Everyone seems to recommend the trolley.

Gat Tro

The trolley line map looks like our subway map  and it looks like most things are accessible from the trolley stops.


Gatlinburg’s Trolley System is the fifth largest mass transit system in the State of Tennessee. …

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